Kathe Dunne, CAMS-Audit

Kathe Dunne, CAMS-Audit
1953 – 2/8/2015
ACAMS Central Texas Chapter Board Member
ACAMS Advanced AML Audit Certification Graduate
ACAMS Conference Speaker
ACAMS Subject Matter Expert

ACAMS would like to recognize the 3 decades Kathe Dunne contributed to our industry. Kathe’s work within the financial crime and ACAMS community will always be remembered.

“Kathe was a forthright and unfailingly honest person. In a world of compromises and slippery slopes, Kathe always acted with integrity and courage. Where many see gray, Kathe used her experience, knowledge, and deeply ingrained sense of right to help herself and others make the right decision.” – Vicki Landon, CAMS-Audit

“Kathe was truly a pillar of all the work that was done when our chapter was in its infancy. Selfless, responsible, able, we were fortunate to have her.” – Jorge Guerrero, CAMS

“Kathe was such an amazingly passionate individual, it was a pleasure and honor being able to serve with her on the board and spend some time with her during our events, dinners and lunches.” – Holly Sais

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  1. Kathe had a heart of gold. There was a softness to her that instead of making her weak, made her stronger. She was loved and she will truly be missed. Not just for her knowledge and wonderful work ethics but for the wonderful person she was.

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