Let the Dogs Out: Puppy Laundering Crimes

Let The Dogs Out: Puppy Laundering Crimes

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  1. On the island of Saipan, a U S Commonwealth there is a large number of strays and caged Dogs for Human Consumption located at Private Residences. The problem there has been going on for well over 12 years and has been unanswered.
    What you have today in the Marianas island chain is a huge Asian population with a majority of them from Mainland China, operating Business’s and Casinos.
    Fraud and Corruption from Saipan and Guam are a Huge problem,, especially within the local Government.
    The Islands are loaded with Federal Law Enforcement…and Animal Cruelty goes unanswered.

  2. And I can say this and know this as I have lived on both Saipan and Guam… if you want to get to the heart of that problem, you have to immerses yourself in it and become a part it . Then infiltrate and dismantle those operations…

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