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Mike Rodriguez

ACAMS Today spoke with Mike Rodriguez, ACAMS chief of staff. His responsibilities include acting as the liaison for the ACAMS Task Forces and for Chapter Development.

He has worked at ACAMS for six years and recently earned the CAMS certification. Prior to joining ACAMS, Rodriguez worked in sales and customer service for GTC Media.

A native of Miami, Florida, Rodriguez studied Business at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida where he received his associate's degree. Rodriguez is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in International Business at Florida International University. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

ACAMS Today: How many active task forces does ACAMS have?

Mike Rodriguez: We currently have nine active task forces and are in the process of launching more—the ACAMS Latin American Task Force and the ACAMS Caribbean Task Force. For more information on how to join a task force or if you are interested in creating a new task force, please email Rodriguez at

AT: What specific role do task forces play in helping the ACAMS membership?

MR: The task forces help ACAMS organize member input to create new programs and services in order to provide maximum value to the ACAMS membership. The task forces are an effective and productive resource for financial institutions, government agencies and related businesses.

AT: You have attended various ACAMS' events during your tenure at ACAMS, which event would you consider the most educational?

MR: All the ACAMS events bring together the world's top AML/CTF experts to share essential knowledge and best practices so it is difficult for me to single out one event. That being said, I am extremely excited for the ACAMS 10th Annual International Anti-Money Laundering Conference in Las Vegas, NV September 19-21, 2011. This event marks ACAMS' 10th anniversary and it is shaping up to be our largest conference ever.

AT: You recently passed the CAMS exam—congratulations. What advice do you have for members who are preparing to take the exam?

MR: I would suggest taking the ACAMS Examination Preparation Seminar. I would also recommend reading the study guide—specifically the sections on Compliance Standards for AML/CTF and the Glossary of AML Terms. Lastly, I strongly suggest testing yourself. Create your own review questions as you study all the sections of the guide.

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