Miles for Marc: Lung Cancer Research and Awareness

Miles for Marc is a dedicated group of lung cancer advocates comprised of family and friends of Marc Kuchler, who at 28 years old was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Miles for Marc originally started out as a team of friends, family and coworkers who would annually participate in the Free to Breathe run in Philadelphia during lung cancer awareness month in November. From 2012 to 2014, Miles for Marc raised over $100,000 for lung cancer research and awareness in support of Free to Breathe. Due to high demand from friends, colleagues and even strangers, Marc and his wife Rachael, sought out to create a nonprofit of their own. Miles for Marc was inspired by Marc’s battle with lung cancer and a desire for his legacy to live on forever.

Miles for Marc was established to increase awareness and funding for genetic research in order to identify targeted drug therapies and ensure molecular testing for all lung cancer patients. The corporation strives to ensure that all patients are fully informed of their treatment options and aware of clinical trials in order to maintain the greatest quality of life possible given their diagnosis. Funds raised by Miles for Marc will go to support research for targeted drug therapies. In particular, therapies that would treat EGFR exon 20—the mutation Marc possessed for which there is currently no cure. In addition to this mission, Miles for Marc aims to support qualifying charitable organizations in their quest to double lung cancer survival by 2022. And in time, they aim to provide much-needed financial assistance to qualifying individuals in the lung cancer community.

Miles for Marc is important to the ACAMS Greater Philadelphia Chapter because of the personal support and involvement of an officer of the board. Our board member has contributed to this charity by planning and contributing to fundraising efforts, and by acting as the Treasurer. Marc was a good friend of this board member and she works to honor his memory.

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