Rosemary Matthews, CAMS—Charlotte, NC, USA

Rosemary Matthews

Rosemary Matthews is a monitoring and testing officer at BB&T Bank in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matthews was awarded a first class bachelor’s degree in American studies and politics from Keele University in the U.K. She also has master’s degrees from the University of New Orleans and University of Houston. After graduating cum laude from Campbell Law School in 2012, Matthews began her anti-money laundering (AML) career as an investigator at Ally Bank. She moved to investigations that are more complex and then to operations, where she coordinated model validation work, created and documented alert scenario tuning and creation, and assisted in board and external reporting.

Following her role at Ally Bank, Matthews took a position as senior associate at RSM LLP (formerly McGladrey). In this role, Matthews conducted compliance audits (mostly Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money laundering) for multiple community banks and financial institutions, and reviewed audit programs for multinational banks based in the U.S.

In her current role, Matthews is working to develop, document and maintain AML and Office of Foreign Assets Control programs for multiple teams. Matthews is also involved in several AML-related projects at the bank, and is on the review board for CAMS-FCI and CAMS-Audit.

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