Carolina Ceballos, CAMS—Paris, France

Carolina Ceballos

Carolina Ceballos has more than six years of experience in the banking and insurance industry as a compliance and money laundering expert. She holds a master’s degree in business law with a strong emphasis on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF).

For the past several years, Ceballos has worked for the French Supervisory Authority (ACP) in both the banking and the insurance sectors. In her current role as an AML/CTF senior auditor, she leads off-site investigations and ensures that institutions meet their due diligence and FIU reporting obligations. She participates in the development of the AML audit methodology and trains new investigators on auditing techniques and practices, financial sector and AML/CTF regulations.

Prior to joining the ACP, Ceballos served as a compliance officer in major banking institutions. She was in charge of the due diligence investigative process, the collection and retention of compliance records and suspicious activity reporting.

Ceballos is a subject-matter expert in European and French banking laws, rules and regulations, audit and examination codes and guidelines for best practice techniques concerning AML, know your customer (KYC)/enhanced due diligence (EDD), training, record keeping, sanctions screening and suspicious activity recognition and reporting.

She participates in FATF, World Bank training sessions and is an AML/CTF lecturer at the University of Strasbourg.


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