Pieter Rossouw, CAMS—Pretoria, South Africa

Pieter Rossouw has a LLM in Criminal law, and had a distinguished career as a public prosecutor and military law officer. As such he was involved in the investigation and prosecution of a number of serious and complex criminal matters as well as internal irregularities. As a military law officer Rossouw was appointed office chief of several regional offices and not only successfully managed all aspects of a multidisciplinary office, but was also responsible for management of regulatory compliance and stakeholder relationships.

After leaving the defense force with the rank of Colonel, he entered private law practice as an advocate for a number of years.

Driven by a passion for excellence and commitment to the fight against crime and corruption, Rossouw started off on a new journey two years ago to transform himself from a lawyer into an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. In this process he obtained a post graduate Certificate in Money Laundering Control (cum laude), passed his Financial Services Board Regulatory exam with 94 percent and his CAMS certification exam with 96 percent.

He is involved in the ACAMS mentoring program, and is currently looking forward to new opportunities in the AML environment.

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