William “Willie” Rondon—Washington, D.C., USA

Two teams—conveniently named Branch A and B—comprise the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation’s (IRS-CI) International Operations Team. William “Willie” Rondon serves as the Branch B director. He oversees a team of regional attaches in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Eastern Europe who work with foreign governments to build partnerships, train law enforcement counterparts and investigate financial crimes.

Rondon has served in this role since 2021 and is active in anti-money laundering efforts, both domestically and internationally, and prides himself in promoting public and private partnerships that help shield financial institutions from financial crimes. He is often tapped to serve as a subject-matter expert on a variety of issues tied to financial crime investigations. He most recently served as a panelist at the Seminario de ACAMS–Puerto Rico in April.

Rondon joined IRS-CI in 2001. He began his career with the agency’s Miami field office. Throughout his career, he has held positions of increasing responsibility, including supervisory special agent, assistant special agent in charge of the IRS-CI Miami field office and chief of staff for all of IRS-CI. He holds a Chainalysis Reactor Certification and a CompTIA+ Certification.

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