Zuley Izquierdo, CAMS: A Proud Participant in the Fight Against Financial Crime

ACAMS Today  sat down with Zuley Izquierdo, CAMS, customer care training and solutions lead for the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), to chat about the best part of her job and her process toward obtaining the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification. Izquierdo began her career at ACAMS in 2007 as a receptionist. In 2008, she became a customer care representative, where she supported and resolved customers’ inquiries. In 2013, Izquierdo was promoted to team lead for a team of four customer care representatives. In this role, she monitored productivity and performance and she addressed or escalated operational issues that impacted quality service. In 2016, Izquierdo transitioned to her current role of customer care training and solutions lead where she maps out, designs and develops training programs. In this role, she also conducts a needs assessment to identify training opportunities and choose appropriate training methods. She also serves as the key contact for issues relating to customer care. Izquierdo graduated from DeVry University in December 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in human resources.

ACAMS Today: Congratulations on celebrating 12 years with ACAMS! What do you enjoy most about your job?

Zuley Izquierdo: Thank you! It has been great to see the growth and success that ACAMS has gone through in the past 12 years. What I enjoy the most about my job is being able to provide others with the training and tools they need to be able to perform their job functions. I take pride in being able to contribute to the success of ACAMS and my colleagues.

AT: In your current role, you train ACAMS employees around the world. How does this process differ from region to region?

ZI: I would say that overall the training process from region to region does not differ. We all follow the same procedures and protocol; however, what can be challenging are the respective time zones and technology. For the most part, I do all of my trainings in house, so when it comes to other regions I have to make sure that the time zone works for everyone involved and that there are no issues with the required technology.

AT: You recently obtained the CAMS certification. Tell us why you wanted to obtain your designation.

ZI: Working in customer service and dealing with all the different types of inquiries we receive, I wanted to have a firsthand experience of the CAMS process and what our members go through to better service them. Prior to working at ACAMS, I had no knowledge of the financial crime industry, so obtaining the CAMS designation was somewhat of a challenge for me. Passing the CAMS exam was a great accomplishment and I am proud to be a part of the fight against financial crime.

AT: You have worked in different capacities within ACAMS, what has been your most memorable day?

ZI: I have been with ACAMS for 12 years, so I definitely do not have just one memorable day. I have to say that every day at ACAMS is memorable—there is always something new to learn and knowing that I work for an association that fights against financial crime every day is memorable in and of itself.

AT: When you are not at the office, what do you like to do in your spare time?

ZI: Recently, I started focusing on living a healthier lifestyle, so in my spare time I like to work out and I also enjoy visiting new restaurants and sampling dishes with my husband.

Interviewed by: Stephanie Trejos, CAMS, associate editor, ACAMS, Miami, FL, USA, strejos@acams.org

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