Håkan Källåker, CAMS—Stockholm, Sweden

Håkan Källåker is a senior banker in
Sweden with 40 years of banking experience. Källåker is a former
executive vice president of Swedbank.
His previous roles were as CEO,
advisor and head of reconstruction of
banks and financial institutions with a
focus on Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
His assignments included acting as
non-executive board member/chairman
of asset management companies.

In the last few years, Källåker has worked in compliance, anti-money
laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and corporate and transaction banking with a focus on the Baltic and Central as well as Eastern
European countries. He has been actively involved in Baltic client compliance, AML, KYC and governance-related issues—both strategically and
practically—through banking-relationship management with Baltic banks.
Källåker’s assignments include addressing country banking credibility,
perceived banking system compliance and AML risks in light of tightening
regulations and international de-risking. During the last years, cooperation
has existed with GK Partners, one of the two founding partners.

Källåker is board chairman (independent) at Cicero Fonder AB, a private
and expanding mid-sized asset management company in Stockholm,
Sweden. In addition to his role as chairman, he is senior advisor in acquisition matters for the company.

Källåker has a burning interest in art and painting. The combination of
painting and observations from the banking experience is pleasant and
interesting yet also challenging. Källåker will be hosting a two-week exhibition in Stockholm starting October 3.

Källåker is a graduate of the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics
and Law and a graduate of the executive management programs at Penn
State University and the University of Southern California.

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