Imagining a Better Web3 World That Protects Human Trafficking Victims, With Anjana Rajan

Anjana Rajan

In this episode, Kieran Beer talks with Anjana Rajan, chief technology officer for Polaris about the work the nonprofit does to fight human trafficking, including having helped more than 30,000 survivors via its national hotline.

In looking ahead, Rajan talks about the need to recreate the internet to end its use by the powerful to exploit the vulnerable, a reality made only worse by the accelerated digitalization of life in the wake of COVID-19. Rajan says the current debate about “Web3,” the next generation of the internet, offers a chance to create a better virtual world or to further the web’s capacity to be used for exploitation.

"As a cryptographer, I largely believe in the potential of Web 3 to help restore economic justice to victims and survivors of human trafficking,” Rajan says, “but as a human trafficking expert, I think Web 3 only offers that possibility, not the guarantee.”

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