Rocket to the Next Career Level

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  1. I find the title of this article and the content incongruous. The title speaks to growth within a career path yet the article speaks to moving to a new role externally. Growing within a selected industry (AML) is much more than simply taking one skill set and moving it to a new employer. Growth entails increasing knowledge base and responsibility. Networking and an up-to-date LinkedIn profile may certainly aid in getting another role but they don’t expand on your knowledge, skills or experience. Continued networking with groups like ACAMS, taking on leadership roles internally (AML projects) and externally (ACAMS chapters, task forces), research for speaking engagements/articles, participation (active or silent) in audits and exams – these actions will “rocket” you to the next level. My two cents…..

  2. This good to counter the narrative that compliance adds no value and are departmental vampires. That myth is popular with the front office folks that want those fat commissions and whale clients that the compliance side can get in between.

    Although to be honest, I must disagree with your assessment of Riggs Bank being innocently or arrogantly unconcerned about AML deficiencies. The ‘tone at the top’ was very much intentional and driven by government political interests, not mere business-as-usual greed. Put it together with the BCCI, Nugan Hand Bank or Castle Bank & Trust.

  3. I tend to agree with the writer. I do many of the things Amy mentions and get nowhere with my employer. Nicities. But little appreciation. So sometimes it does come down to the employer and their view of AML/ATF together with Compliance overall. Especially when sales gets the major focus and quality is secondary. Sometimes to get to the next level you have to look elsewhere especially if you want to feel appreciated for your knowledge and hard work.

  4. This article is very interesting and reflects real life scenarios. It is actually not worth leaving your current employer for a 10 to 20% salary increase, unless you are unhappy due to several factors and issues. I finally believe that asking your current employer for a promotion and thus salary increase would be more beneficial other than the fact that you are familiar with the work environment and culture, where you might face a number of obstacles and difficulties at your new employer

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