Henri Faizi Auni—Democratic Republic of Congo

Henri Faizi Auni is vice president of CENAREF, Financial Intelligence Unit, in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Faizi has been engaged in AML since 2003 as Chair of GREB, Working Group against money laundering and terrorist financing set up at Central Bank of Congo. He was fully and actively involved in the creation of CENAREF in 2009 and has participated in numerous international conferences (FATF) and seminars (Egmont Group). He also visited several times the Belgian (CTIF) and French (TRACFIN) financial units for training. He chaired national AML conferences for banking and mining sectors, accountants, lawyers and other executives of law enforcement units with financial support of IMF and World Bank.

Faizi has 10 years of experience in the banking sector as Head of Bank Supervision Department at Central Bank of Congo and Manager at Financial Control Unit at CITI (Congo). Prior to joining CITI he worked for two international audit firms KPMG and PwC and also as an independent financial consultant. He undertook, in high level, both audit, consulting and investigation assignments in his country and other Central African nations such as Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Cameroon and Burundi.

Faizi graduated from High School of Commerce at Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo and is a member of associations for accounting and audit profession in his country. Faizi is striving with his colleagues, to strengthen CENAREF as an efficient tool in the fight against money laundering, fraud, corruption by using many opportunities offered by ACAMS.

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