Fighting Financial Crime in Canada, With Jacqueline Shinfield

Jacqueline Shinfield

In this episode, Kieran Beer talks with Jacqueline Shinfield, partner at Blakes, Cassels & Graydon about the latest legislative and regulatory requirements from Finance Canada and FINTRAC, that are part of the nation’s renewed vigor to fight financial crime.

Ahead of the ACAMS Annual Canada Conference on November 3, 4, Shinfield talks about Canada’s new cost recovery plan’s impact on FINTRAC regulated entities, issues arising from ongoing regulatory examinations, technological gaps in implementing the new electronic fund transfer reporting requirements and lessons from the Cullen Commission.

“If anyone is interested in learning about money laundering, ways to launder money, trade-based money laundering, there are so many incredible papers, affidavits online that make compelling reading if you are an AML geek,” Shinfield says of the work of the Cullen Commission, which is set to end oral submission this month and due to release a final report by December 15.

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