Mar ’22 – May ’22

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Issue: Vol. 21 No. 2


From the Director of Editorial Content

Looking Back, Looking Forward

There is a lot to celebrate as we recognize the 20th-anniversary of ACAMS and the launch of ACAMS Today . I believe it is fair to say that the award-winning magazine you’re reading now, together with the ACAMS members who have exchanged their work, insight and expertise in these pages have played an instrumental role in the creation of a global anti-financial crime (AFC) revolution.

From the Editor

The Hallmarks of a 20-Year Celebration

A couple of years ago I started looking into vintage jewelry. Why do I like vintage jewelry? I enjoy the provenance that comes with each piece, the fact that each one has a story to tell through its prior ownership and design. As you focus on the hallmarks, the metals and gemstones, each piece unfolds the full extent of its beauty and becomes more unique with time.

Inside this Edition

ACAMS at 20: A Road Less Traveled and the Friends We Made Along the Way

In the ever-changing world of compliance, a decade or two can seem like several lifetimes. Twenty years ago, instead of debating the vulnerabilities of crypto or discussing how to integrate artificial intelligence into compliance systems, regulators were beginning to assess whether bearer shares and correspondent accounts posed financial-crime risks. Instead of contending with ransomware threats from halfway around the world, bankers were wondering aloud how they could be expected to know if a branch transaction had ties to terrorism.